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Book: You Are Here Now by Eivind H. Natvig

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Du Er Her No / You Are Here Now is Eivind H. Natvig’s vision of his homeland, Norway. It is a Norway devoid of the familiar clichés of beautiful fjords and beautiful blondes. Instead, it is a country full of darkness, humour, colour, and wild juxtapositions.

In 2007 I began shooting images of Norway, not assignments or images with commercial value. Not even images with a distinct purpose, but a visual relief. Photography made from a true joy in discovery of Home; a country I had barely visited. In 2011 it took over and I spent 12 months in a state of self-imposed homelessness on the road.
The images in Du Er Her No / You Are Here Now are hard to categorise. They linger somewhere in-between the genres of documentary and fine art. Known objects and situations are re-invented under Natvig’s lens, showing us what we know but in a way that we don't. It is an intimate take on a wonderful and strange society, even for a Norwegian.

Du Er Her No / You Are Here Now
Eivind H. Natvig
Published 17 November 2014 by Tartaruga Press
ISBN: 978-0-9576446-1-8

240 x 165mm

128pp printed on 200gsm Arctic Volume Ivory
With poems by Gro Dahle

Edition of 500 copies